Jonathan P. A. Mills

  • M.Sc., B.Sc. in Mathematics-Economics from Copenhagen University

Hello, and thank you for visiting my website. On this site, you can find my CV, my writings, and contact information. I am an applied mathematician with governmental experience and strong analytical skills in economics currently living in Singapore. To learn more, read on, or get in touch.

My CV is also available as a PDF.


Reading Specialist

I Can Read, May 2017 - Present

  • Taught Pre-Primary English with a focus on reading skills
  • Taught Primary English with a focus on writing, speaking and comprehension
  • Conducted assesments for new children to determine the most suitable level for them
  • As part of the full-time staff at a large centre, assisted in day-to-day operations

My first job in Singapore saw me working full-time in teaching, broadening and deepening my knowledge and appreciation of grammar, phonology and pedagogy.

Head of Section

Danish Ministry of Taxation, January 2016 - June 2017

  • Implemented a revised and expanded model for calculating car tax revenues
  • Drafted written answers from the minister in response to parliamentary questions
  • Assisted colleagues with producing and extracting relevant data sets
  • Performed revenue analysis for proposed legislation
  • Cooperated with external stakeholders to understand their requirements and wishes

Through my efforts as part of the team, my colleagues and I have been able to produce high-quality research and analysis at tight deadlines. During 2017, I was working part-time from Singapore, to make sure I could pass on my expertise and discoveries to colleagues.

Teaching Assistant

University of Copenhagen, September 2014 - November 2015

  • Taught first, second and third year university students
  • Stepped in and took large classes to cover for lack of TAs in the Economics courses
  • Prepared lessons to strengthen students' knowledge of syllabus based on lecture materials
  • Graded assignments and assisted students in their revision

As a teaching assistant, I strengthened my own academical abilities, while gaining valuable hands-on experience in presenting and communication.

Swimming Coach (part-time)

Svømmeklubben Triton, September 2008 - July 2015

  • Prepared lessons and taught competitive teenage swimmers three times a week
  • Coached swimmers at swimming meets, arranged training camps and handled communication with parents
  • Previously also taught swimmers aged 5-7


M.Sc., Mathematics-Economics

University of Copenhagen, September 2013 - October 2015

My M.Sc. degree represents the pursuit of a seven-year academical interest in economics and mathematics. During my two-year masters programme, I focused on Economics, but also took courses in Finance and Econometrics

On Exchange

National University of Singapore, August 2012 - May 2013

To further my interest in Economics and Finance and expand my academic and cultural understanding, I studied at NUS on an exchange programme.

B.Sc., Mathematics-Economics

University of Copenhagen, September 2010 - June 2013

During my bachelors, I gained a strong foundation in the mathematical areas of Measure Theory, Probability Theory and Analysis, combined with a rigorous approach to Economics, Finance and Statistics.

International Baccalaureate

Nørre Gymnasium, August 2007 - June 2010

My international baccalaureate endowed me with broad skills in science and literary analysis. During my second year, I developed a greater interest in mathematics and economics.



Data analysis, mathematical finance, economic analysis, statistics & teaching.


Familiarity with C++, R, SAS and Excel.


Masters thesis, Copenhagen University

My Masters thesis was an investigation of the interplay between credit access, unemployment and the wider economy. The thesis was awarded a 12 (the highest grade) on the 7-point grading scale. It is entitled Costly access to credit markets in a DSGE model with involuntary unemployment.

Bachelors thesis, Copenhagen University

For my bachelor thesis in 2013, I attempted to develop a game-theoretical model of privatization. The thesis was awarded a 10 (the second-highest grade) on the 7-point grading scale. Entitled Privatization under a Stackelberg duopoly, I have published it online in the hope that it may serve as useful reference to others.

International Baccalaureate Extended Essay

In 2009, I completed the Extended Essay in the IB project. I studied the hydrodynamic properties of swimming pool lane-lines through several experiments. The essay (together with the TOK essay) was awarded the maximum 3 bonus points. The title is Mechanisms and effects of wave breaking lane lines.

Articles for magazines

I have spent some time on the editorial board of FAMØS, the student-led magazine of the mathematics department at Copenhagen University. I have also contributed an article to the magazine, entitled Exchange to Singapore.


I would be happy to hear from you.